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Scarface Raps Up Hip Hop For Politics

Scarface has drawn the curtain on his hip hop career to wholly face politics. “For me it’s done, I like the idea of politics,” he said. MC Scarface, whose real name is Brad Jordan, emphatically stated his rapping days are over as he pivots to politics.


“This is gonna be my start in politics,” he explained. “I wanted to get my legs up under before I run for governor, before I run for mayor.


Table Tennis Players Sharpen Their Skills In time For The Asoju Oba/Molade Okoya Thomas Cup

It’s the 48th edition of the Asoju Oba/Molade Okoya Thomas Cup, the oldest competition in Nigeria, and hopeful tennis players looking to win out of the remarkable prize money are now fully patronizing training centers across the state in readiness for the tournament.