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Kevin Hart Denies Leaking Sex Tape

Kevin Hart is contesting allegations of leaking his own sex tape, which became the centerpiece of an extortion attempt against the famed comedian. Montia Sabbag, the woman in the sex tape, has sued Hart, a member of his entourage named J.T. Jackson, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and a website called Fameoulous for $60 million. Jackson has been charged with attempted extortion and extortion by threatening letter for his alleged blackmailing of Hart, but Sabbag believes the two were in cahoots.


Kevin Hart Sued On Account Of Assault And Battery Ay His Bodyguard By A Woman

Kevin Hart is being sued by Carmen Marrero who was knocked to the ground by Hart’s bodyguards. The incident was said to have occurred after the comedian was exiting a building following a movie screening for Hart and Bryan Cranston’s The Upside in New York on January 9. She claims to have been “violently” collided with on a New York City sidewalk by his security detail, resulting in serious facial fractures.