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50 Cent Trolls Mayweather For Flaunting World’s Largest Chanel Bag


50 Cent has dissed Mayweather on his flamboyant display of wealth. He did this in response to Mayweather’s Instagram video on his Independence celebration. The video highlighted $1.8 million in cash, an Arnold Schwarzenegger watch and the world’s largest Chanel bag, which he says was a gift from the late Karl Lagerfeld.


Floyd Mayweather’s DJ Accused T.I Goons Of Jumping Him

Mayweather Dj’s recent accusation has proved that the rift between T.I and Floyd is far from over. Jay Bling, the DJ for Mayweather’s Money Team, claims Tip and some goons attacked him over the 2019 BET Awards weekend. Bling made the allegation in a series of posts on Instagram Stories.


“TI JUMPED ME LOL!!” he wrote. “All y’all niggas hit like straight bitches…. 6 Niggas and all y’all did was scratch me up! Niggas jumped the wrong one tonight! I’m on yo bumper bitch ass nigga @troubleman31.”


"I leave with many great memories." – Frank Lampard

The 2-year contract between English footballer Frank Lampard and New York City signed in July 2014 will be come to an end with the year. The player who had an impressive streak with the club said that the next stage of his career will be made known soon, this would most likely include coaching as he revealed in an interview he had with Match of the Day presenter, Gary Linekar.