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Eminem Admits He Had To Learn How To Rap Again After Near-Fatal Drug Overdose In 2007

Although he has now been clean for 12 years, Eminem opened up on how he had to learn to rap again after suffering a near-fatal drug overdose.


The rap icon suffered a near-fatal prescription pill overdose in 2007, which prompted him to successfully seek help. 


In a recent interview, Eminem explained that the overdose meant he was forced to relearn a number of skills, including rapping itself.


Eminem Announces Winner Of #GodzillaChallenge

A winner has emerged from Eminem's #GodzillaChallenge. A Twitter user who goes by @jacksherlock1 was announced as the winner in a tweet from Eminem on Twitter.


Em also shared a clip of the winner rapping the third verse of the Music To Be Murdered By track “Godzilla” and wrote in the caption, “Godzilla, fire spitter, monster. @GodzillaChallenge @triller winner squad on the site. Shout out to the homie jacksherlock1 on taking the #1 spot!”


Eminem Replies Critics Of "Music To Be Murdered By" In Open Letter

In response to the recent critics to "Music To Be Murdered By", Eminem has written an open letter to address the criticism. He released this letter via Twitter on Thursday beginning with a line from Jay-Z's  2001's "Renegade". Em then proceeds to address both the ‘gentle’ listeners and ‘victims’ of the album in true Alfred Hitchcock fashion.


“‘Cause, see, they call me a menace and if the shoe fits, I’ll wear it. But if it don’t, then y’all will swallow the truth, grin and bear it.”

Eminem's "Unaccommodating" Is Disrespectful - Manchester Mayor

Eminem has stirred up controversy with his song "Unaccomodating". With its reference to the Manchester bombing at Ariana Grande's concert, Twitter fans are not welcoming to such a dark reference. “I’m contemplating yelling ‘bombs away’ on the game/Like I’m outside of an Ariana Grande concert waiting,” he rapped. 


Eminem Shows Support For Gun Control In Darkness Video

Eminem has released "Darkness" video which is one of the 20 new tracks from the new project. Em used this video in advocating for gun control in the United States. The visual finds Em holed up in a Las Vegas hotel room where he’s drowning in alcohol, prescription pill bottles, guns and bullets, contemplating what would happen if he unloaded on the concertgoers below.


Eminem Drops Music To Be Murdered By Album

Eminem has stunned his fans with his new album titled Music To Be Murdered By. He posted the cover art on his Twitter page on Friday.  "It's your funeral...#MusicToBeMurderedBy Out Now," he wrote in the caption.


According to Slim Shady, the 20-Track Lp was inspired by famed director Alfred Hitchcock.  Music To Be Murdered By features artists like Royce Da 5'9, Q-Tip, KXNG Crooked, Young M.A, Anderson .Paak, Denaun, Black Thought and late rapper, Juice Wrld.

Nick Cannon Takes Another Swipe At Eminem In The Miseducation Of The Negro You Love To Hate Vol. 1

Nick Cannon has dropped a new mixtape titled The Miseducation Of The Negro You Love To Hate Vol. 1. The Wild 'N Out host announced this on Monday via his Instagram page. 


“It’s simple but says a great deal and that’s how this project came together, just poring my soul out to the world… I hear y’all loud and clear,” he wrote in the caption. “Hate me or Love me, Educate Yourself.”