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Have you had that long winding phone conversation with your mum that got you in such a bad mood for the entire week? Have you at some point in your life deliberately missed your mum’s call because you know she is either calling to remind you that Chi Chi is married or calling to tell you James is getting engaged…lol. What about those conversations as a child that were about friends you should do away with because your mum could see what you couldn’t or Oh yes!...those dreadful dreams that had her coming to your bedside to pray out your sleepiness to a state of grouchy awakeness…lol…Now put your hands up if you have been there and experienced these.



You would also attest to the fact that for some weird reason mothers always seem to get it right. By some divine design they have been made into benevolent beings and it is inexplicable. What a mother knows…trust me, cannot be learnt or acquired anywhere and even as I try to evoke nostalgic feelings it is also correct that they are somewhat super humans.



Sometimes it feels like a sweet sour sauce, the way our mothers are to us and the roles they play in our lives. It is quite common for Sons to love their mothers above everyone else and for daughters to be the ones who are quick to rebel against their mothers but we all know that the importance of a mother cannot be overemphasized in our lives. Now speaking of sweet and sour sauce that is one way to describe mothers and here are some of the reasons why;



Sweet and sour sauce is as the name implies both sweet and sour and with the right blend of sweetness and sourness. For those familiar with the recipe for this sauce you can agree that to get the perfect taste you need sugar and or honey, apple juice or pineapple juice and vinegar.



It is expected that the sweet ingredients should serve as a buffer leading to a fine balance between the somewhat contradictory tastes of sweetness and sourness. But then for those of us who have had this sauce, we know that this is one sauce we cannot afford to hate because out there is the sweetness of it and just somewhere beneath its sweet surface is the sharp tongue slapping taste of sourness, thus making this one interesting sauce.



Now can you see that when you find her poking her nose into your business and you engage in those ugly small fights that often ends with statements you both don’t mean, it is just mummy being ‘vinegarous’ and not so pleasing to our taste buds?



Then when she does those sweet little acts of kindness like remembering to give us extra toppings when we ask, allowing us sneak sugar into our daily meals when daddy placed an embargo and oh the all too familiar voice asking that you be cut some slack or given extra pocket money at those times when you are not there to defend yourself, you should think of honey, sugar and all things sweet.



Going back to the sweet and sour sauce it is important to note that corn powder is often added to help with the texture so for the times she smacked, yelled and made us abide by rules we didn’t want to abide by, well that is the thick, tough part that is supposed to help make us not too watery and not too thick.



I know at sometimes we may have wanted a break from our mothers, at other times we may have left our mothers without the level of appreciation they deserve. But then, it shouldn’t be lost on us that being a mother is the complete package. Every feature of the sweet and sour sauce makes it stand out, makes it different.



The world may celebrate mothers in all their glory but it would only be ideal to look at your own sauce and just love it for all of its parts because your sweet and sour sauce…your mother…is what makes your meal of life special…so come Mother’s Day, please celebrate your mother not because the world says so…but because of how you feel about her, how your sauce tastes.

By Maureen Alasa,,, Happy Mother’s day!

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