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For the literary freaks, the ones who read all the recommended literature books in Secondary school and more, the book ‘’She Stoops To Conquer’’ by  Oliver Goldsmith would most likely make your list of ‘have reads’. Taking us back to the title of the book, have you ever thought about applying this to your work life?


So many times while praying for our dream jobs, we make lists like a great Boss, fantastic subordinates, fat salaries, amazing colleagues and all the other elements of an ideal job in utopia…lol. Many times we get to be too disappointed at what we eventually get to even focus on the way out.


For those who prayed for a great Boss, what if you find that you have at least 10 Bosses with one very difficult one that almost always gets in the way of a great day? You who wanted fantastic subordinates, what then happens if you resume to see that you have the most unreliable subs, what would you do? Fat salaries are very subjective and so what if this dream job though very high paying, still doesn’t seem enough as you have to commute at least 40% of the pay daily? What do you do if amongst your colleagues you turn out to be a misfit, the different one?


Well what I have done is try to conjure stereotypical scenarios but the bottom line is this: Regardless of if your case was mentioned or not, we can only hope for the best. If you find yourself in a situation that isn’t working there is the option of walking out. But we are talking your job here, we are talking what puts food on your table, like my bestie would say: What puts bread on your table. You cannot possibly walk out because of a few hiccups and so here is what to do: ‘Stoop to conquer’.


Stooping to conquer is the way a Lion gets its prey, it observes, takes slow well thought through steps before making the dive or sprint for the big strike. The elephant who is easily the largest animal in the jungle feeds on grass whilst still garnering respect from all other animals. So why then do we take matters from the top? Why do we think it is beneath us to stoop? Why can’t we try a different approach? Like:


-          Going the extra mile to be obedient in lieu of treating this difficult Boss with contempt?

-          Treating all your subordinates good, empowering them and making them see that to be a great Boss you need them.

-           Working hard first, putting your all to the job regardless of how much your take home is?

-          Being a colleague of example. Putting forth uprightness in lieu of being a snitch or being bitter towards these other colleagues?



Life is so full of surprises and if there is one thing that could be surprising, it is the fact that sometimes to reach the top you have to first leave your comfort zone to a very uncomfortable zone. Sometimes this uncomfortable place could be seen as beneath us, it could be seen as very ‘g…r…r….r…’ but give it a try.


Stooping to conquer doesn’t mean you are the fool or you are clueless. It just means that you have put your goals ahead of everything else and that is the way to succeed. So if you haven’t, then you should stoop to conquer that problem at work…you could also apply this principle to other aspects of life and it would still yield the same positive result…so go-a-stooping and see just how much of that/those  obstacle(s)  you would conquer.


By Maureen Alasa

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