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The way coffee is consumed at the workplace and some homes, makes it seem like coffee is the next best thing after *insert your faves*. Have you ever watched your Boss go from being very upset to a little upset as soon as his daily coffee is placed before him?



If you grew up with a dad like mine you would learn with time that coffee seems to be the mood fixer and this is definitely one of the many reasons nutritionists, health practitioners and even psychologists have taken things a step further to actually find out just what it is about coffee.



Now this is not a health piece sadly and so for those pointing out the many reasons why coffee could be so soothing and just how it is a stimulant with all the caffeine and nicotine lecture well…thanks but emmm…I would rather you kept all of that information for a later piece.



So what is this about today?


It is about your steaming cup of coffee who should be a "who".


Now tell me, is there that one person that isn’t actually your perfect fix, neither is he or she with ‘your mumu button’ as some call it. But they just know how to get you. The funny thing is this person doesn’t have to be your best friend and if your best friend falls into this category then the better but it isn’t a criteria really.



Remember that one time you were in such a bad mood you were literally going off at every one who thought to stand in your line of fire? Or that time when everything seemed to be taking a downward dive in your life and all you could do was sit and cry it out? There must have been times when you just wanted to give up on everything and let failure and hopelessness make a feast out of you…but then all you needed was a whiff. One whiff of this steaming cup of coffee was all it took to make your sad face crack in a smile.



Your steaming cup of coffee is that one that always tastes good regardless of the weather. That one person who doesn’t have to do so much but is able to create an impact in that foul mood of yours. The funny thing is we do not necessarily make a conscious effort to make them our steaming cup of coffee…we are just subconsciously drawn to them.



Can this steaming cup of coffee become your regular coffee? Not always. But then, all it could be is just a conversation about hobbies on a day your lover is being a total jerk. It could be just an invitation to lunch when you have no appetite due to some annoying job you literally messed up.
Never under estimate the power of coffee. Never think that smoking cup of coffee is far fetched.



For some of us, we can sniff on our cup all day without taking a sip. But then that could be all we need to fix and make light all of the heaviness in our hearts. For this sect, all they might need is just someone with a really nice cologne and pretty face to sit beside them. It could be as gentle as a pat on the back and the words ‘you’d be fine’, that could do the trick. This is for those who require little efforts from their steaming cup of coffee.



Sometimes, we want to just keep drinking, trying to drown all of the pain and this is where majority of us fall into. We find ourselves sharing and over sharing with our coffee, hoping that the more we share the better we feel. Holding on to the caffeine in each gulp to take all of our pain away.



But hey, if you find yourself being a bit of both at different times it is perfectly okay. Life can be such a b****. So in this somewhat cold weather when it seems like every day could be a rainy day, a rainy day of crappy network, bad work day, annoying parents week, siblings wahala, lover’s quarrel, whatever your rain turns out to be, please remember that there is a steaming cup of coffee within your reach…

Ps…I hope I can be your steaming cup today ;-*


By Maureen Alasa

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