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Cardi B's best friend, Star Brim, has been charged in the case of Cardi's violent assault against two sisters working at Queens' strip club in August 2018. NBC reported that Brim was caught in a federal sweep of New York Bloods Gang subset, 59 Brims on Tuesday.


According to reports, the attack on the two bartenders, now identified as Rachel and Sarah Wattley, was ordered by Cardi herself. However, court documents reveal it was Star who allegedly commissioned the hit while doing prison time in Connecticut that same year.


However, according to legal docs, Cardi and two others who are named in the case planned the date, time and location of the attack via social media. Prosecutors allege Cardi B discussed money as a reward for the execution of the assault with Tawana Jackson-Morel, one of the named defendants who helped organize the attack.


If convicted, Cardi faces up to four years in prison. In April, she rejected a plea deal that would have granted her a conditional discharge in exchange for pleading guilty to a single misdemeanour. In a previous hearing, the judge ordered Cardi B to have no contact with the Whatley sisters and also issued an order of protection for the girls. The judge also gave the multi-platinum artist a stern warning to “please be very careful” with social media.


Star remains free for now and has arranged with prosecutors to turn herself in at a later date since she is pregnant and could give birth soon.

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