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The wait is over. No, there's not a new Star Wars film, Frank Ocean (still!) hasn't released a new album and Harry Styles hasn't announced open auditions for a wife. So whats the good news?! You can now send video in Snapchat chat mode and you can finally access your camera roll from the messaging screen while you're talking to your mates. Other new features include more than 200 stickers like walruses, sloths and aliens which always come in handy. There is now also an option to invite people into a video call even if they're not already in the chat, plus there are options to chat via audio. If they don't pick up, or you just want to send them a reaction using other means, you can record a short audio or video "note" and it will be waiting for them the next time they open the app.


Snapchat introduced chat in May 2014, allowing users to communicate via text and video chat for the first time. Video chat only worked when both users were in the chat, and would end if you removed your finger from the screen. Since then, other popular messaging apps have continued to add features. Facebook has made Messenger into a separate app, WhatsApp added a feature which lets you share documents and iMessage introduced "tap to talk" for sending audio. In an effort to rival those other platforms including the likes of FaceTime, Google Hangouts and Skype, Snapchat has also added the ability to send photos and clips during video chat as you talk. It is also changing the terms of service to include a new privacy centre which it claims will "making things clearer" about safety features like not showing friends a history of everything you've ever posted. The changes come as Instagram has rolled its new feed display and 60 second videos.

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