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You might have seen people posting a picture on Instagram in the last few days, with the text "turn on post notifications". It's because Instagram is changing the way it works and the new-look feeds are now kicking in for users. An algorithm will now display what it "believes you care about the most".It means that it's possible fewer people will see your posts unless you're a Kardashian or someone who likes and comments all day long. If you search for #instaupdate you see a lot of posts like this...


Until now your feed has arrived on your mobile in chronological order, so you see images from accounts you follow according to when they were posted. But according to Instagram that meant people were missing, on average, 70% of content posted by accounts they want to see. The firm promises "your feed will soon be ordered to show the moments we believe you will care about the most". So that's why people are worried that their posts will be pushed to the bottom. Instagram hasn't revealed how the new algorithm will work, so it's not clear if that's actually true.



What actually happens if you turn on notifications?
You'll get a push notification every time the user you followed posts on Instagram, your phone will buzz and you'll get a pop-up. That's great if there are one or two particular users who you are really interested in and want to be alerted every time they post.
But if you turn on notifications for hundreds of people it could get annoying very quickly.


So how is it actually going to change?
Nothing has been officially confirmed but it's pretty certain that posts won't appear entirely in the order they're posted in. Aside from that Instagram hasn't revealed how posts will be sorted and it's unlikely that it will. Instagram is owned by Facebook so it's likely they will use a similar way of sorting posts. So if you actually like a post, click the heart or comment on it, you should keep seeing similar content. If you don't like the idea of a filtered feed there's no need to don your internet armour and unsheathe your keyboard just yet though. "There are still weeks, or even months, of testing to come before we roll this out more broadly. Currently the test groups are very small. We will let the community know before any changes are made," Instagram told Newsbeat.

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