She sits pretty even when all the sheen on her skin comes from the glistening sweat drops from time spent in the kitchen.

She smiles so radiantly, flashing a look of happiness that is nothing close to the heaviness in her heart.

She is that one whose natural scent is so refreshing you hardly ever notice the stench she carries on her skin from a failed marriage, a broken home or an abuse only her body knows.

She can talk smart without the need for education because she made the teachers, professors and all the academicians you can think of.

So show her to me and I would tell you the real definition of intelligence.

In her steps are a trail of all of her experiences, each step is a move away from one towards another yet she walks and she owns the ground upon which she steps because she has got a grace no one else can boast of.

Have you seen her? The way her effortless beauty and strength makes her one unique creature?

Do you even know that in spite of herself she has got the heart of diamond…delicate, strong and priceless…so it would be an act of sheer ignorance to think her fragile?

Yes, she has got her flaws but no one is flawless…

She has been through a long road of hurt and still wears her scars like a bangle around her beautiful wrist…reminding herself how far she has come and showing all others how tough she has become.

Show me one woman and I would tell you she has earned her stripes…

Show me one pair of manicured fingers and I would tell you a tale of how much gold those palms have spun.

Mock her over active tear glands and in those watery ball like visual pair is a tale that begets a whole Nation.

Detest her stretch marks and from each mark I would map out your existence.

Did I just hear someone mouth weaker vessel? Then I would show you the vessel from which your essence has been drawn.

You think her locks are beautiful but if only you knew it was more than just strands of solid DNA but indeed a sit of glory then you wouldn’t pull it the way you do.

Oh yes, her fragility and strength makes her one mystery yet to be uncovered.

You know completion when you find some: ’thing’ or ‘one’without a woman’s touch.

The holy book calls us little gods but what can you say of one from whose depth springs gods?

Show me a great man and I would show you a woman who molded him from a formless bloody matter into the man he is today.

Now let me show you the relationship between the Woman, a man and a Nation:
For the need of a great Nation, She bore a man

For the man to rule, she gave him power

For his power to be more constructive than destructive, she gave him guidance

For her guidance he had control

And his control led to a great Nation all because she bore a man, empowered him and guided him aright.

She is indeed one very important piece of the human trifecta involving essence and existence.

She needs to be appreciated today, everyday, forever and always…HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY.

By Maureen Alasa

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