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‘Hey baby, can you send a picture of just what you’re wearing to bed?’ ‘Hello bae, its cold and I just wish…’ ‘Boo, I am in this very boring meeting and I would rather have your hands…’ Don’t even try rolling your eyes or giving me the pretentious ‘smh’ reaction. Of course my Oga at the top has had the keyboard on auto filter making me unable to dish out TMIs. But you can very well admit that the above examples is only a tip of the messaging iceberg some of us actually live in.


So what is sexting and why is there often a disapproval where sexting is involved? Well wiki has defined sexting as the act of sending and receiving sexually explicit messages, primarily between mobile phones. This definition could very well lead to two arguments:
1) Why is sexting wrong when it is between mobile phones? I mean mobile phones are personal right?
2) Sexting is not rape…it’s just words so how harmful can words be right?



Oh well, for someone who is a hopeless romantic and an ardent ‘Liever’ (love believer), it would be unfair to not think along the lines of the above arguments. But then, for some reasons sexting has been known to give certain negative results which have somewhat ruined the reputation of such a romantic act.It is no news that sexting which should have been an act for mature minds as it can get really explicit, has now been commonized and can be seen among young people whose ages are not appropriate for this act.



So before we talk about how to make this trend less offensive, returning its glory as a means of enhancing sexual relationships among emotionally mature individuals, can we look at reasons why sexting has become a taboo today:
- Sexting among underage teenagers can lead to careless deaths and accidents. It is bad enough that we are at the phone addiction age, sexting at the wrong time like while on the move could lead to deaths or fatal accidents.
- As simple as the word ‘immaturity’ sounds, it could be the one reason why your so called sexting partner could share your nudes all over the internet, stigmatizing you for life.
- Sext information in the wrong hands can mar you for life.


Sexting takes a whole different level of maturity…agreed! It could also be disastrous for adults as well as young people, so what do we do? How do we convey our moods and exact feelings when sending messages to our loved ones who aren’t available at that point in time? You can very well try ‘lexting’. Lexting in my definition isn’t the direct opposite of texting, it just is a more refined and less risky way. Lexting is simply ‘love texting’. Yep! Instead of sending nudes why not send an equally sexual animated meme showing just what you would want? Instead of going into details like ‘I want to do this and that’ how about you revert to saying the exact thing without giving out too much info? Try scratching the surface, tethering on the edge, peek-a-boo, call it whatever, anything that wouldn’t be harmful to you as an individual on the long run? Make it more fun, infuse a few jokes to make it engaging and less intense as you never can tell where your partner is at that point in time.



Don’t get me wrong, I am not being sanctimonious, I am just trying to save whatever is left of the word ‘sexting’ in today’s world where everything seems to be out there. With sexting, I say the way forward is lexting…because little could be more as long as you the words are coming from a skilled heart. So yes…’baby I miss you and I can do anything to have you here right now, just the way I love to have you’. Yep…that works just fine and before the response of ‘how do you like to’ comes in…emmm…you would definitely figure your way outta that…*winks*



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By Maureen Alasa.


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