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A police officer has been accused of murdering retired Aston Villa striker, Dalian Atkinson. 48-year old Atkinson died after being Tasered by one of the policemen that restrained at his father's house in Telford. He was taken by ambulance to the Princess Royal Hospital where he later died.


The Crown Prosecution Services (CPS) has not named the officers because it believes their defence will apply for them to remain anonymous. An alternative charge of an unlawful act of manslaughter has also been put forward by the CPS for the officer charged with murder, known as "Officer A".  The other police officer known as "Officer B", also from the West Mercia Police force, has been charged with assault causing actual bodily harm.


Mr Atkinson's family has been informed, a spokesperson said and issued a statement welcoming the decision but they "regret that already more than three years have passed since Dalian died". Police officers attended Meadows Close in Trench, Telford, where Mr Atkinson was detained outside an address at about 01:30 BST.

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