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Forbes published their annual Hip Hop Cash Kings list featuring new high earners in addition to some familiar faces. Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs tops the list, earning an astounding $130 million over a 12 months span that Forbes ended calculating in June 2017. That’s more than double what he made ($62 million) to wear the crown as 2016’s Hip Hop Cash King. Drake, JAY-Z and Dr. Dre maintained positions in the Top 5, but in different order. Drake secured No.2 spot by a wide margin, earning $94 million as opposed to JAY-Z’s $42 million and Dr. Dre’s $34.5 million.


The biggest change this year is the inclusion of Chance The Rapper, who is No.5 with $32 million. Despite having no physical albums, the Chicago MC was able to rake in the big bucks. Thanks to streaming, touring and major deals with Apple and Kit Kat. Kendrick Lamar is No.6 on the list with $30 million. That’s still a significant jump from 2016 when he was No.9. Lil Yachty also made the list as No.20, which is a sign of the changing times in Hip Hop.


Top 10 Forbes Annual Hip Hop Cash Kings List

1. Diddy ($130 million)

2. Drake ($94 million)

3. JAY-Z ($42 million)

4. Dr. Dre ($34.5 million)

5. Chance The Rapper ($32 million)

6. Kendrick Lamar ($30 million)

7. Wiz Khalifa ($28 million)

8. Pitbull ($27 million)

9. DJ Khaled ($24 million)

10. Future ($23 million)

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