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Orange is the New Black is back and we're promised it "gets dark" as the prison drama returns to Netflix. Stars Selenis Leyva and Kate Mulgrew, better known as Gloria and Red, say events are "unpleasant at best" in the new series. But they didn't give away too much about the new storyline. "We're already in dire straits. It's a crowded prison as it is and we're living in very limited and difficult circumstances. Suddenly a tsunami wave overcomes us and 200-300 [new prisoners] more are introduced - and so you're developing a tension that is not really survivable.," Kate explains.



Leyva, who plays Gloria, talked about some of the issues the inmates will face in the new instalment. "We're staying true to the comedy drama but season four gets dark because we are dealing with the prison system. Like really dealing with it and how that's affecting these women. The racial tensions... there is a lot danger, everyone is divided, everyone is scared and the stakes have been heightened," she says. The actors say their lives were changed forever when the show became a massive hit. "I auditioned for it and they gave me a very slight piece of paper and I recognised immediately that this was going to be something very unusual. "I would read the scripts and be like, 'Oh my goodness, this is amazing.' When I hit that last script in season one I hit the lotto. To know that I had a life going into season two was really good and a shocker," says Leyva.



And for those of you wondering how real those tattoos are, the answer is - not very. Gloria says the process of applying them is really simple. "It's almost like as a child when you put some water on top - and they look so real. It takes about two minutes. There's a room full of tattoos and my bag is filled with loads of little bird tattoos." Both play strong, powerful women. So what do they think of Hillary Clinton running for US president? "Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States. She's the first female nominee of a major party and as soon as we can get Mr Trump out of there and clear her path, the better," says Kate.



But Leyva isn't so convinced that Hillary Clinton's Republican rival Donald Trump will be easy to defeat. "I'm a little scared still. I'm not as confident in what she just said about getting him out of the way. I would love that. That would be amazing. I think Hillary is the right choice. She is smart, she is for the people but he is scary and there are a lot of scary people in the world who are listening to him and somehow continuing to support him and I am a little frightened. She's the woman. She's the one but I am scared."


Orange is the New Black series four is released on Netflix on Friday.

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