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The One Direction duo are registered as composers and authors on a new track called ‘Something That Scares Me About Love’. It's not clear who the song has been written for but with the news coming 11 months after One Direction started their hiatus, the rumour mill and fan theories are obviously well underway.


The most likely suggestion is that it will appear on Liam's upcoming solo album, the singer singed a record deal with Capitol Records UK in July and is thought to be working on a record. He was the first member of the group to sign a deal away from Sony, which the band has always worked with. It's also been suggested the track is a new One Direction song or even a duet, which are both slightly less likely.


Another set of mystery One Direction tracks appeared when Harry Styles submitted four songs to a performing rights organisation in the US last year. Harry is listed as the only performer with Snow Patrol guitarist Johnny McDaid and dance producer Gary Go listed as co-writers though none of the songs have surfaced yet.

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