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After the allegation of R. Kelly running an abusive obsessed cult for young women last month, it took a crushing blow to the legendary R&B singer’s career. In wake of the controversial news, four of Kelly’s concerts were reportedly canceled due to poor ticket sales, which he vehemently denied.


Now that the allegation has been settled, the Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard has announced his office is not currently investigating Kelly, according to Atlanta’s FOX 5 Fulton County commission chairman John Eaves, who is currently running for mayor of Atlanta, called a press conference on Friday to demand an investigation into the situation. He said the investigators who were working the case had found new information that raised some concern “I’m going to stress to the Fulton County district attorney that a full investigation be done, because I believe questions should be answered,” he said. Ahead of the conference, he also released a statement to the media. “Today, I am asking District Attorney Paul Howard, officers and his prosecutors to fully review the report of the John’s Creek Police and follow every lead no matter where it leads, or who it implicates, and bring those persons to swift justice.” Despite his request, District Attorney Howard revealed shortly after the conference that no criminal investigation into Kelly’s actions is being conducted at this time, but he will “examine the R. Kelly file to determine next steps.”


In July, Buzzfeed broke the story and reported several young women were being held in some kind of sex cult by Kelly in Fulton County. Six women were said to have been brainwashed and forbidden to contact anyone but Kelly unless they had his permission. One of the women, Jocelyn Savage, claimed she was fine after her parents called a press conference confirming the allegations and saying they haven’t been able to talk to their daughter. Kelly responded to the allegations in a statement to FOX 5 Atlanta via his publicist. “Mr. Robert Kelly is both alarmed and disturbed by the recent revelations attributed to him,” the statement said. “Mr. Kelly unequivocally denies such accusations and will work diligently and forcibly to pursue his accusers and clear his name.” R. Kelly posted a video on social media, calling the situation a “bunch of crap.” “It’s your boy Kelz,” he said. “And I just wanted to let all of my fans out there know that despite all of the crap that y’all hearing. I will be coming to the East Coast to do my show. And believe me y’all. It’s a bunch of crap. Aight? I hope to see y’all there. I love y’all.” R. Kelly can now concentrate on his upcoming performance at the Wolf Creek Amphitheater in College Park on August 25.

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