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Nick Cannon has dropped a new mixtape titled The Miseducation Of The Negro You Love To Hate Vol. 1. The Wild 'N Out host announced this on Monday via his Instagram page. 


“It’s simple but says a great deal and that’s how this project came together, just poring my soul out to the world… I hear y’all loud and clear,” he wrote in the caption. “Hate me or Love me, Educate Yourself.”


The 7-track mixtape also took a quick jab at his nemesis, Eminem, on the track Used To Look Up To You.  “Niggas out here tweetin’ like they been a savage,” he spits. “Dick ridin’ lil’ Marshall Mathers/Had to put on my turban like I’m Aladdin/Niggas out here cappin’, Black Lives Matter.”


This is the latest attack to the ongoing feud with Slim Shady, which Em reignited last month on Fat Joe’s “Lord Above” single featuring Mary J. Blige. As part of the song, Shady took several shots at Cannon and his ex-wife Mariah Carey.


As a result, Cannon replied with three diss tracks — “The Invitation” featuring Suge Knight, “Pray For Him” with The Black Squad and “Canceled: Invitation.” According to 50 Cent, he advised Em not to reply which he hasn’t (yet).


Check out the mixtape cover art and tracklist below.

1. Know What It Is
2. Used To Look Up To You
3. Madoff
4. No Love For Me
5. Ghetto Blues
6. Cut Em Off
7. Instead Of Nipsey

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