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Due to issue of hate and harassment that has steadily plagued the social media platform, Twitter has recently included a new tool to their site which will enable users block out or mute internet trolls who make use of abusive language. This feature will help users mute words, phrases, emoji from their pages, and this will go forward to filter notifications and stop traffic of any post or conversation containing these muted subjects.


Twitter claims to have also trained employees who are also moderators of the social network so they have better understanding of hate speech specific to certain cultures, orientation, gender or religion which will allow them ban users if necessary.


Sinead McSweeney, Twitter’s vice-president for policy and communications in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, concerning this new development said “If there was a straightforward solution here it would be done, we do not want an incredible resource for communities sullied by this misuse. There is no one single solution that will satisfy everybody’s needs so we need a suite of options [for fighting abuse].”

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