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Microsoft will be gathering education leaders in an event to address digital transformation in education, and introduce tools that aid effective school management and drive growth in quality of education across primary and secondary schools in Lagos. The event, which holds on June 29, is targeted at Proprietors, Principals, Head Teachers, IT Directorsand other high-level school administrators, and it aims to help schools create efficiency and effectiveness in school management.


In recent times, there has been a rise in internal school management crisis ranging from inaccessible records to strained communication between schools and stakeholders. This has called for the need to introduce digital solutions to school management and reduce paper work. To foster this solution, Microsoft in partnership with Sidmach will be showcasing how technology can help schools save money, enable data-led decision making, improve teacher competencies and give students access to a rich learning environment.


In addition, the tools will help students get hands-on experience and ability to develop critical-thinking, and computational skills for life and a career in the digital world. Attending administrators will be introduced to the amazing features of thesolutions and othertools at the event and would also get a chance for free trials for a term in their various schools. The event, which is scheduled for Friday, 29th June, will hold at Radisson Blu, Ikeja GRA, and Lagos. It is already highly anticipated by education leaders across Lagos.  


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