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Megan Thee Stallion has expressed her despair over her record label's release ban over her songs. Due to her  She also started using #FREEMEG and #FREETHEESTALLION hashtags on social media due to disagreement with 1501 Certified Entertainment after she attempted to renegotiate her contract.


Megan Thee Stallion has started using #FREEMEG and #FREETHEESTALLION hashtags on social media due to a dispute with her label 1501 Certified Entertainment. According to Hot Girl Meg, the company is preventing her from putting out new music after she attempted to renegotiate her contract.


“When I signed, I didn’t really know what was in my contract,” she said in an Instagram live stream. “I was young. I was like 20. I ain’t know everything that was in that contract. So when I got with Roc Nation, I got management — real management. I got real lawyers and they was like, ‘Did you know that this is in your contract?'”


According to Megan, she didn’t know all the details in her contract but wasn’t mad at 1501. After Roc Nation alerted her to some concerns, she thought it would be simple to settle the issues with her label.


“I’m thinking in my head oh well, everybody cool,” she explained. “We all family, it’s cool, it’s nice. Lemme just ask them niggas to renegotiate my contract. Soon as I said I wanna renegotiate my contract, everything went left. It just all went bad.”


Due to the renegotiation attempt, Megan says 1501 is now blocking her from putting out any new music. “So now, they telling a bitch that she can’t drop no music,” she said. “It’s really just a greedy game. It’s really just real greedy. Wasn’t trying to leave the label. Wasn’t trying to not give nobody money that they feel like they entitled to. I just wanted to renegotiate some shit.”

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