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How would you like it? A cold bottle of your favourite malted drink? Or a warm glass of milk? Have you ever tried having both? Well for those who have, we know just how heavenly the taste of malt in milk can be. Some sweet toothed medical therapy that supports this as an energy boosting and blood cell boosting technique may be the reason why even confectioners around the world have over the years, tried to make various products from this very unique blend of malt and milk.



Nah, not yet, don’t move on without figuring out where I am headed with this…at least not yet. So what is the fuss about Malt ‘n’ Milk? For those who have actually tasted the mixture one way or the other, you would agree with me that the milk works as toning down the taste of the malt. From sharp rough sweetness to a somewhat dull smooth sweetness. To some, it could feel like Malt is more on the wild side while Milk is more of purity and innocence.



So how does this apply to you? Your love life? How do you get this perfect Malty Milky blend without both parties losing their essence? How do you attain a somewhat perfect relationship in the face of so much imperfection?



There has been so much talk about ‘rightness’; the right guy, the right lady, the right relationship, the right time and so today permit me to call this whole pursuit for rightness hogwash! Yep…quote me! There is no such thing as the right anything! So what then obtains? The word is ‘balance’, finding the ‘it’ mix. Take a close look at your relationship and decide to find a balance. Which are you? Malt or Milk? Attaining that smooth creamy sweetness is the success your relationship should strive for. It is finding perfection in the face of so much imperfection that is the ‘perfect relationship’.



He is hot headed so why not be the angel in lieu of going on a rant at about the time he is flying off his top? What about her outdoorsy nature? Why cage a bird when you can try to be that cool calm place she calls home, something she never gets outdoors? He would never give a tip, doesn’t see the need to send money to you except it is a necessity…so what? Do you love him enough to buy him gifts even when you are obviously cash strapped? Or do you feel convinced that the nice doorman at the restaurant deserves a tip even when your partner sees no need for it? Then go ahead, be the voice of reason that would eventually claw at his heart when you are away.



There is no rule that gives you the right to make of him a sculpture of your imagined perfection. You really need to cut all of the ‘wanting to save her’ you have been doing for years. I mean, can’t you see just how perfect you both are without the extra additives of wanting to fix what isn’t broken? Some of us have been so blinded by a skewed version of our own perfection that we lose sight of the ideal.



What then am I saying? You really don’t have to get all bleached out because you think he has something for them light skinned ladies…for the love of sanity he chose you! So why bother? Why go over the edge to fix yourself for him when you haven’t even got a dent? All the guys in her life are slim and tall and so you feel less when you are with her…But why? She chose you so away with all of the mending and fixing and quest to be another when you are all the malt needed? Whoever needs sweeteners when you have the right amount of milk?



It may sound almost laughable but sometimes we just need to take a chill pill and look around us. Malt n milk is no caramel, it is no honey sweetness and it most certainly isn’t the best taste there is but for those who have had the pleasure of tasting this, they can attest to one thing: the taste is inexplicably unique! So wouldn’t you rather take a long break from the whole pursuit for perfection and aim for unique?



Nothing speaks better than unique! It is uncommon, perfect in its own way and when appreciated could be the best around. So have you wanted him to be a certain way for so long that you have stopped loving him? Or did you break her heart because you just couldn’t appreciate her for who she was? Then I think you might want to give it a rethink, pour this version of him or her into your present version, put a tongue in, allow the taste awaken your taste buds. You may cringe at the thought now but you would never know if you don’t try. So dip a finger, put it to your tongue, let the taste sink into your every sense, suck it in and shut your eyes for a minute, just so you can feel the moment…and who knows, you could find that Malt ‘n’ Milk is just it!



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