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Lil Pump has upgraded his sense of humor, as the rapper seems to have chosen to get some of his tattoos removed. The timing is interesting considering he just served time in jail for probation violation and the types of tattoos he has come from a style inspired by jailhouse tats.


The rapper demonstrated his new look with a video. The rapper said, “I just removed all my face tats.” It’s apparent that this wasn’t said with 100% accuracy considering the fact that the tattoos on his lower body were peeking from his wife beater. However, a couple of his most recognizable ink jobs are missing. The red star on his cheekbone and the frowning emoticon between his eyebrows seem to be gone.


With his video, Lil Pump makes tattoo removal seem easy. Then again he could also have covered them up with makeup. Fans can never be sure, considering the star's silly personality. This may give hope to the likes of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson and others who get tattoos they regret in experience of their failed relationships and bad decisions.

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