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With D-Nice having become the unlikely hub of social distancing good vibes, “The Rhythm” rapper turned multi-platinum producer Kwamé is now looking to take things to a new level, inviting the world to tune in and celebrate his 46th birthday with an epic old school brunch concert.


”We’re going to be on IG Live Saturday (March 28), my birthday, and I’m going to do one song,” the rapper/producer explained via video. “After I do one song, another classic artist is going to jump in and do one song and [then] another one … we’re going to make this the dopest classic Hip Hop, IG breakfast brunch possible.”


Kwamé made it clear that he has no intention of just focusing on East Coast artists. “I want West Coast rappers. I want Dirty South rappers. I want it [all],” he says. “I want all the classic people that we used to love and grow up on to chime in and give us that one classic verse, that one classic song. Just make us feel good.”


He adds, “We all sit in here cooped up on quarantine. I’m all dressed up. I ain’t got nowhere to go. Let’s make this happen.” It isn’t clear which artists will be part of this concert just yet, but that is undoubtedly part of the fun. ”[Afterward] y’all can go into club quarantine with D-Nice and rock out for the rest of the day. How about that?“


Be sure to follow Kwamé’s Instagram for more details as they emerge.

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