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Kanye West has sparked a bit of controversy since his return on social media. He recently revealed his project’s potential album cover through an iMessage conversation with “Wes.” The cover is a photo of Donda West’s surgeon Jan Adams; for some context, Donda passed away after post operation complications. Although the move has raised speculations, Kanye thinks that using Adams’ likeness as an album cover would bring him closure over his mother’s death.


The Blast reached out to Adams for his thoughts on the whole failure. But Adams seemed to channel Kanye in his mysticism, keeping things equal parts ambiguous and hype inducing. “It’s a Macguffen,” says Adams. As for his actual emotions regarding Kanye's impeding decision, the jury is still out. Perhaps he’s signaling that he understands his role in Kanye’s larger love-centric message. If so, it may very well be that he’s okay with it. Amidst all the madness, this whole thing is starting to feel like one giant movie with Kanye at the helm

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