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Kanye West left the crowd a bit confused with his 13-minute performance at the Pan Am Games closing ceremony earlier this week. The rapper appeared to storm off stage after his mic seemingly cut out during his set at the sporting event in Toronto, Canada. But organisers say they "could not have been more thrilled" with the show. "As this was live, Kanye West was always scheduled to perform for 13 minutes," a statement form Pan Am said. "He fulfilled this commitment in great style and while there was technical difficulty at the end due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, he rolled with it the way great artists do.



"To imply that he abruptly cut short his performance or that he was anything less than professional is incorrect. We could not have been more thrilled." In an uncharacteristic move - Kanye is yet to comment on the show. Ahead of the ceremony at the sporting event, which takes place once every four years for athletes across the Americas, an online petition was launched campaigning for organisers to cancel Kanye's performance. It got more than 50,000 signatures. Some people were unhappy that the American rapper was chosen to close the event, saying they would have preferred to see a Canadian artist like Drake or The Weeknd perform instead.

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