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When he handed me the packet of Malteasers chocolate, he was totally unaware of the rush of emotions within me. Maybe if he had gotten me the mini packets or the white Malteasers, I would not have give in to these smooth brown balls threatening to take me on a journey. But well, he got me a gift, it was a big pack of brown Malteasers chocolate. Not the mini packet, not the white ones either and so the journey was made to exactly two years four months ago.



I had just met Chiggy and he was the coolest dude ever. He had a fashion sense that knocked any lady off her confidence wheel. That's right! No matter what or who you were wearing, Chiggy always made you do a double check...subconsciously. He had that effect on almost every one. Funny how you meet someone for the very first time only to discover he had been there all along...lol and so when I met him that day at the sweets session of Goodies, all it took was his hands on the last packet of Malteasers to get my attention.



For me, it is the looks, the mystery, the charisma, the verbal prowess and oh yes! the sweet tooth...lol. Chiggy had it all and more. Looking back now and remembering just how swift the connection was, the endless gift of Malteasers and yes the mystery and intrigues of his tough-love ways, I have let every bad memory fade away. I decided to totally ignore the memory of the cold, hard way he broke things off, saying we couldn't take things any further because in spite of all the connections we had, some parts of the puzzle called 'us' couldn't just be fitted into a piece.



Two years four months later, I stand staring at another gift, another big packet of brown balls, the same balls that had caused me so much pain in the past and this time I smile. I had just met him and it would not have been fair to make him pay a Chiggy price for a crime he hadn't committed, at least not yet. His name was David and solely for that fact, he deserved a fair chance don't you think?



So yes! many a times we get to meet someone new, who reminds us of someone we hope we love to hate, that certain someone who's thoughts still brings tears to our eyes because even though we seemed to have let go, we actually never found closure. The safest thing to do might be to look the other way the moment he/she looks, sounds and or seems like de ja vu right?



Well, I never have all the answers and no one actually does. But the truth is every relationship is a pandoras box. It is full of intrigues and mysteries and a whole lot of surprises you can only find out when you lift the lid. It is okay to want to protect your heart by running away from all 'seem alikes', as that would seem like the safest thing to do. But guess what? it doesn't so happen that every guy or lady is the same...Oh hell No! not every Malteasers encounter is the same. Sometimes the roof of your mouth or palette gets bruised, sometimes you chew through each ball, some times you lick or suck through and at other times you just pop it as a pill...but whatever or however you choose to have it, always remember that this is not the same as the last one you had.



Now why then do we have the 'seem alikes' you may ask...and just before I answer that I've got one for you...Have you ever stopped to think this might be you? because the truth is if you keep having the same taste, you just might keep having more of the ones that seem alike...so...whatever happened to tweaking your taste and exploring a little?



Oh well, truth remains that 'each relationship is a pandoras box', and even though it looks like every box in the treasure cove, each chest holds within it a different kind of adventure...and oh yes! David was nothing like Chiggy...Xoxo.


By Maureen Alasa

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