fbpx Jose Mourinho speaks up on the Chris Smalling and Luke Shaw issue | The Beat 99.9 FM
“There is a difference between the brave, who want to play at any cost, and the ones for whom a little pain can make a difference” what Mourinho had to say concerning the absence of  Luke shaw and center-back player Chris Smalling in the Manchester United- Swansea match where the team ended their four-game losing streak with a 3-1 victory.
 Before the game, Smalling complained he couldn’t play with his pain while Shaw said he simply wasn’t able to play, this however did not go down well with the former Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid boss as he stated that as a team, one should have to do anything and also if he were to speak to many great players of the team, many of them will admit to playing without being 100%. Both Shaw and Smalling have been left out of the England squad for the World Cup qualifier against Scotland and the friendly in Spain, when Gareth Southgate, Coach of England’s national team was asked about his opinion on Mourinho’s criticism of the two players he stated “It’s a club matter and it is not for me to comment on in terms of players playing with injury”

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