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John Boyega revealed he's beginning filming Star Wars: Episode VIII. After accepting his Rising Star award at the Baftas, he joked he was "running on fumes" because he's back at work today. "Tomorrow's my first day on set. There's a 6am pick up and then I go straight to doing Star Wars stuff again," he said. He then joked his Bafta is "going to look great on the Millennium Falcon". Other than that, he doesn't know where else he's going to put his award because he's in the middle of moving house. But he joked "this blue goes really well with white walls".



He was, unsurprisingly, not able to give anything away about what Episode VIII has in store for his character, Finn. All he could really say was that "it's going to be fun". And he's hoping he doesn't have to act too hard on his first day back. "I hope there aren't any dark scenes tomorrow because I won't know how to act," he joked. John also revealed he didn't pinch any props from The Force Awakens set but he has a list for his return. "I'm going to go back for what's mine this time. I'll definitely get all the props I want, a lightsaber, Finn's jacket and various other things," he said. The release date for Episode VIII is 15 December next year but there's been no official name confirmed for the film.

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