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During Jhene Aiko’s concert at Atlanta’s Buckhead Theatre on Monday night, a woman in the audience was noticeably in distress, which prompted her to stop and call for medics. In a video obtained by TMZ, Aiko can be heard saying, “We need help. We need help in the middle please. Someone? Secruity? A medic. A medic please. A medic. A medic to the middle of the floor. Let’s help her … Make way for a medic.”


The woman is being carried out mid-seizure as Aiko explains, “There is some strobing going on in the set. If anyone has any sensitivity to that, um, this is your chance to exit. I want to make sure everyone is safe.” Jhene Aiko took to Twitter later that night to send her well wishes, “sending healing light to the young lady who got sick at the show,” she wrote. “If any of her friends or fam can give me an update I’d appreciate it!”

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