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James Corden has defended fellow US talk show host Jimmy Fallon over his interview with Donald Trump.
Fallon had been criticised for failing to ask tough questions when the presidential candidate appeared on The Tonight Show in September.
Instead, Fallon did a light-hearted interview during which he ruffled Mr Trump's hair.



Corden said Fallon had faced "quite a lot of criticism" that was "really unfair".
Cordon, who hosts The Late Late Show on US channel CBS, said: "I don't think anyone asked [President Trump] the right questions," he said.
"I don't think anyone took him to task or asked the questions that were needed."


Donald Trump was elected the 45th US president in November
Fallon's interview took place two months before the US presidential election - which saw the Republican nominee beat Hillary Clinton in a close election.
Speaking at PaleyFest TV, Corden refused to say whether he would invite the US president to appear on his own programme.
But he did reveal a game he would play with President Trump if he were a guest - called "Stand By It or Take It Back".

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