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A$AP Rocky has let the cat out the bag on what appears to be self-proclaimed sexual issues he has been dealing as far back his early adolescence days. The “LSD” singer spoke with Angie Martinez for her WeTV show Untold Hip Hop Stories and nonchalantly shared the fact that his “sexual addiction” began as early as junior high. “I was always (long pause) a sex addict,” Rocky begins. “Like, I was horny, I ain’t even have no sperm in my testicles yet, but I literally was horny.”


In an extended version the interview, Rocky dives into more sensitive territory and further explains how his addiction isn’t something he shies away from. Although Angie Martinez attempted to help clarify the difference between to wanting sex and being a sex addict, he was bent expresses his truth. “These are things that people like to stay away from, they don’t like to admit,” he starts. “I can’t be embarrassed about it, I wear my heart on my sleeve. I don’t do nothing that I’m not proud of speaking of.”

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