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“No Trump! No KKK! No Fascist USA!” Green Day turned the lyrics of their “Bang Bang” track to an anti-Trump song at the American Music Awards which held on Sunday the 20th of November. The band was the most vocal about their distaste for the Us President-elect.


The award, created with the purpose of celebrating the best in US music was instead seen as an opportunity by the celebrities to comment air their views on the election of Donald Trump. The hots, Model Gigi Hadid and Saturday Night Live comedian Jay Pharoah continuously joked about the president elect, Pharoah imitating Donald Trump’s voice said "I love Bruno Mars. I don't know what colour he is, so I can't deport him," as Bruno Mars who is a mix of multiple races performed that night.


Another artists who spoke up was British Rock star Sting who received a lifetime achievement award, he said Rock music is "perhaps America's greatest and most influential export" before saying the genre had been "always open to all colours in the spirit of welcome and inclusion".
"A mixing of culture, of rhythm and passion is what made this country the greatest country in the world."


John Legend and Lady Gaga who were avid supporters of Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign period, however decided to remain quiet at the award ceremony.

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