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In the midst of her suspension as Grammy President, Deborah has come out with claims of corrupt practices happening in the Royal Academy as regards the voting system of the Grammy Awards. In detailed allegation, Dugan pointed out that there numerous irregularities, such as: 


"Some committee members represent or have relationships with the nominated artists, and push them onto the ballot," she wrote. "The board can arbitrarily nominate people who did not even make the longlist." The board "manipulates the nominations process to ensure that certain songs or albums are nominated when the producer of the Grammys wants a particular song performed during the show"


She also referenced the review of the nominations for the 2019 song of the year award chose as one of its eight final nominees a song that had initially ranked 18th out of 20. Dugan alleges the artist behind the song was allowed to sit on the committee


Dugan also made mention of sexual harassment and rape case.  According to her, she was sexually harassed by the Academy's general counsel and former board chair Joel Katz while she was being considered for the organisation's top job last May. She was invited to dinner by Katz who made feel "uneasy" with talks about his failed marriage, calling her "baby" and leaning to kiss her at the end of the dinner.


Katz, according to his lawyer, "categorically and emphatically denies" Dugan's account. "Mr Katz believed they had a productive and professional meeting in a restaurant where a number of members of the board of trustees of the Academy, and others, were dining," he added.


The Royal Academy is presently looking into Dugan's allegations as well the claims against her.


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