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Former Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes says "terminal anxiety" is what made him take a break from television. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly he said he asked to step away from Teen Wolf and Arrow because he cared more about his "mental and physical health" than his career. Colton said his anxiety got worse in January when a reply to a blog comment was taken as him coming out. He told EW that he is gay but hasn't publicly spoken about his sexuality.


"People who are so judgmental about those who are gay or different don't realise that acting 24 hours a day is the most exhausting thing in the world." Colton said he checked himself into rehab for anxiety. "I've had terminal anxiety my entire life. [I was] physically ill, fainting. I'm 27 years old, and I have an ulcer. I had to step back. t took me so long to get to this point, but I'm doing so good." The star says he's happy and healthy now though. Colton is better known for poking fun at himself on Instagram.

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