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Mayweather Dj’s recent accusation has proved that the rift between T.I and Floyd is far from over. Jay Bling, the DJ for Mayweather’s Money Team, claims Tip and some goons attacked him over the 2019 BET Awards weekend. Bling made the allegation in a series of posts on Instagram Stories.


“TI JUMPED ME LOL!!” he wrote. “All y’all niggas hit like straight bitches…. 6 Niggas and all y’all did was scratch me up! Niggas jumped the wrong one tonight! I’m on yo bumper bitch ass nigga @troubleman31.”


T.I. and Mayweather have been at odds for years. In 2014, the two got into an infamous altercation when they crossed paths at a burger joint in Las Vegas. More recently, their rivalry was reignited when T.I. dissed the undefeated boxer in February. Tip took offense to Mayweather’s public support for Gucci after the luxury brand released a sweater that resembled blackface.


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