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The Flint crisis has been going on since 2014. Criminal charges brought against eight officials who allegedly dumped lead into the Michigan water system were recently dropped, but this scandal is not going to be forgotten any time soon. Especially with the soon to be released film about the matter by Will Smith’s production company starring T.I.


Though based on a real-life event, the film appears to be at least partly fictionalized. An early synopsis says it’s about an ex-convict who, after a spiritual awakening, finds himself entangled in a murder mystery involving a former flame as well as a young protégé. During this time, T.I.’s protagonist uncovers the root of the water crisis affecting his hometown.


The Atlanta rapper will headline Flint, written and directed by Malcolm M. Mays, best known for acting in the FX series Snowfall (created by late director John Singleton). The film is coming from Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment.


Also starring in the film will be Fast & Furious actor John Ortiz. The film will have multiple people serving as producers. Singleton will be credited as an executive producer, as he was instrumental in getting the film off the ground.

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