fbpx Fitness and Influence: Meet Sam Newaz | The Beat 99.9 FM

On the blog this week, The Beat FM chats up Sam Newaz aka SNEWJ. He's an LA based fitness influencer with a very active YouTube presence. He's got almost a million followers on there and four years ago he started from nothing.

Building a fanbase through creativity and interest in cars, partying, and practical jokes. Performing antics both funny and dangerous, throughout the years, Sam transformed into SNEWJ after letting the world into his daily life and fans couldn’t get enough. Over the years, SNEWJ has had horrible accidents, performed insane tricks, and flirted with countless beautiful women. After reaching beneficial highs, along with big-name endorsement, Sam has also introduced us to his family and smoking-hot girlfriend/Instagram model Dree.

Thanks to the self-published content platform, Los Angeles, California-native has evolved from popular viral personality into a prominent fitness and lifestyle brand adored by fans worldwide. From becoming a viral star with his humorous antics, featuring fellow popular YouTube stars, and showcasing a lavish lifestyle — SNEWJ is known for a unique life and positivity loved by cult-like subscribers. All while encouraging individuals to not only live life to the fullest but to also follow your dreams.

Upon the success of his YouTube channel, SNEWJ launched his own clothing line, No Hesi. Influence by his love for fitness and travel, No Hesi is merely an extension of SNEWJ personality. Strong, funny, and entertaining, the trendsetting star has solidified a lucrative brand that is generating both profit and legacy.


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