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Eminem has released "Darkness" video which is one of the 20 new tracks from the new project. Em used this video in advocating for gun control in the United States. The visual finds Em holed up in a Las Vegas hotel room where he’s drowning in alcohol, prescription pill bottles, guns and bullets, contemplating what would happen if he unloaded on the concertgoers below.


The moves to a set of televisions shaped like the United States, toward the end of the video. On every channel is a news story about a different mass shooting. The text reads, “When Will This End? When Enough People Care.” The video ends with a prompt to register to vote at Vote.Gov. 


On Eminem’s official website, fans are urged to visit several organizations — including Giffords Law Center, Brady United Against Gun Violence and Everytown For Gun Safety — to find out how to help or learn more about putting an end to senseless gun violence and/or to help survivors and their families.


Watch the “Darkness” video below.

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