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"I'm trying to start a publishing company, so I can start really developing talent and giving them the kind of protection that I was lucky enough to have” said the 29-year-old singer and song writer concerning her plans to develop new artists. Emeli Sande, known for her deep and soulful songs kicked off in a big way after her debut album in 2012 earned her two Brit Awards at the 2013 ceremony for Best Female and British album of the year.


The former medical student from Aberdeen shire, north-east Scotland talked about how performing artists were expected to deal with occasional rejection but how no one prepared these artists on how to handle massive success. She says the real challenge for any artist is "going back to write", adding: "It is two extremes from playing the Olympics or the Royal Albert Hall to a dark, tiny studio just intensely focusing on lyrics. So there are those extremes, and it's about trying to find a bridge to merge them a bit better."


Emily Sande plans starting a publishing company with which she hopes to develop talent and give them the kind of protection she was lucky enough to have. "With Naughty Boy, we would just be in the studio creating without any external pressures so I would love to create that environment for other artists.”, in running her company, the artist who admits to being a novice on a business level hopes to help out with song-writing, “I kind of feel I can assess what someone needs as an artist to develop. I think that would be my strong point." She wants to do this while partnering up with someone business-focused and learning about numbers.

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