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Dr. Dre lost a legal battle against OB/GYN with a similar name. Dr. Drai is Pennsylvania based gynecologist who filed to trademark his name in 2015 ‘Doctor Dre OBGYN and Media Personality.’


Doctor Drai has been using the name for years based on his real name, which is Draion M. Burcout but when he applied for a trademark for the name in 2015, the original (at least, the West Coast original) Dr. Dre stepped in. The rapper claims that Drai the gynecologist has a name that sounds “too similar” to his professional name. Dr. Dre was claiming trademark dilution, which gives the owner of a “famous trademark” grounds to argue that others can’t use the trademark in such a way that it “dilutes” its uniqueness.


The trademark office decided that while Dr. Dre and Doctor Drai certainly sound similar, there wasn’t enough evidence to suggest that there would be “confusion” between the names. It’s a battle he just lost.


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