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Like the American stock market, the official Canadian immigration site also got affected as the election took an unexpected turn in the direction of Trump’s camp site crashed on Tuesday night as the Real Estate mogul inched closer to the white house claiming almost all the major states. This situation came across as a funny one as Americans including celebrities continuously joked about relocating to the country if by any chance Trump won the Presidential seat.


Twitter was one of the major mediums used during the election as Americans took to the platform to express their opinions about the two major aspirants, Actor and comedian Josh Peck tweeted jokingly “Dear Canada, I’m not great at Hockey but I’m friendly as hell and LOVE Celine Dion. Can I come Chill?”. Canada seemed not to mind this new development the official account of the country posted on the same platform that immigrants were welcome


Experts who have since Tuesday worked on the immigration site and set it back on track however claimed the setback was just a coincidence. 

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