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Today marks the end of the popular Trump vs Clinton Presidential campaign which began about 3 years ago with Donald Trump, celebrity business mogul and political novice coming out TRiUMPhant indeed. The New-York native on his race to the White house capitalized on American’s economic anxieties, stood unfazed through multiple sexual assault allegations, overcame scandals emanating from his demeaning utterances in past interviews and also took advantage of the racial tensions in the country, playing it all to his advantage in ways no one fully comprehends still.


His opponent Hillary Clinton, who spent months warning Americans to avoid the disaster that was Trump and instead voting for their welfare with campaign promises such as passing immigration legislation, tightening restriction on guns and tweaking but not cancelling the Obama care law was also not scandal free as various incriminating mails sent by her were discovered and published putting various deep dents in her campaign which may be one of the reasons for her loss, also her failure to answer persistent questions concerning pressing issues including the Lead pipe pollution problem and her accomplishments as secretary of state.


On the  other hand, Brash Real estate mogul and President-Elect Donald Trump’s crude approach and huge rallies where he rained insults both on his opponent Hillary, his racial comments concerning blacks, Hispanics and Muslims as well as sexist comments directed towards women which everyone expected to earn his disqualification from the race proved to win him the seat. Trump, the embodiment of immigration as he has German ancestry from his father and Scottish ancestry from his mother’s side cast this same immigration case both from Latin America and the Middle East, as the root of the problems plaguing Americans and tapped into the fears of terrorism building up at home and abroad.


Prominent international audience and allies of the state have expressed mixed reactions concerning Trumps presidency with political leaders from Asia to Europe reacting with stunned belief, right sided populists from Australia and France hailing it as a great establishment for the politically dead state. Former Swedish Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt said on twitter “Looks like this will be the year of double disaster for the West, fasten seatbelts.” The Russians causing trouble, 20 million people losing their health insurance were problems of the Trump administration predicted by prominent historian Simon Schama in an interview with BBC where he said the Republicans taking over the political scene in the country is a “Genuinely frightening prospect”.


According to CNN’s Maeve Reston and Stephen Collinson, the president-elect appealed to a peculiar set of ignored Americans, he started a movement, a modern day uprising of the forgotten Americans reminiscent of Richard Nixon’s “Silent Majority” of the late 1960’s. Present President of the United State has however called to congratulate his successor and the pair are said to be scheduled to meet later this week in consideration to President Barak Obama’s schedule.

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