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Have you ever seen rodent caught in a trap before? If you have, trust me the struggle is real. That single rat that is just a little bigger than a roach but has been your worst kitchen nightmare ends up being less scary...ends up looking small and pitiful as it writhes in pain at its current state of pain and immobility.

Now if out of pity, you let this particular rodent loose, nurse its wounds and feed it back to health, do you know what would happen? One day when he feels strong enough, he would resume old habits of destroying all the foods you have in the store and Oh yes! it would also resume that annoying scratchy noise that can drive a household crazy.

I began mentioning the size of this terror being almost the size of an adult roach...yes that small...but its havoc is way bigger. So in reality, we are the ones trapped. We are the ones who should have the upper hand but then we have done the most foolhardy thing in the name of pity, we have let back in what we should have destroyed a long time ago and where does that leave us? trapped by our own foolishness.

I call it foolishness because what else do you call misplaced emotions? Yes pity is an emotion we should express but only when and where necessary. Should you pity the enemy? No! Should you still care when this person obviously doesn't care? No! Do they deserve your pity...Oh hell No! But then it is actually easy to say these things than to live them.

Sometimes we attach sentiments to the least relevant things or people because we are afraid of hurting them, because we are too weak to watch them pay for their crimes and sins. Now don't get me wrong, I can totally relate with not wanting to hurt someone who once meant something to you...but then, it still doesn't mean they deserve a place in your life so leave them caught in the trap and just turn your back and walk. Walk for as long as you can without looking back. Walk with determination in your every step, determination to aim for better replacements without a tinge of unwarranted pity, just walk!

The analogy of the rat may not be the best, but hey, do not be trapped in your own life by add ons or additives you should have control over. The best things in life sometimes are from a place of hurt. To heal, you first have to go through pain...so if watching that person who has destroyed the grains in your store house hurt is what it would take to permanently restore your store house, life, soul, heart, then please be my guest, get your muffs out, blind the visuals and sounds just so you are unaffected.

Sanity could require extreme measures so hey, sit down and be sane! The world we live in today requires a high level of sanity for one to get through so every drop of your sanity is important and no one deserves to take it away...no one has a right to mess with it...so just as the week is slowly winding down with the weekend just around the corner, get your traps out...it's about that time to fumigate your life and let the rodents be treated as rodents... time to let go of people who do not deserve to be a part of our lives ! *bueno suerte*

By Maureen Alasa

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