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DaBaby's baby mama has been blasted on social media overdue to growing accusation. According to her, the rapper has allegedly gotten another woman pregnant. 


She backed up her claim with a text message exchange between him and the unidentified woman who is supposedly expecting a child with him.  “This what your favorite rapping hiding,” she wrote. “Don’t fall for the cap. Another child is on the way and it ain’t me.”


She also shared a brief clip of a recent interaction with DaBaby, who can be heard telling her to turn the camera off in the footage. “I’ma show all your fans that you policing your child’s mother,” she said in response. “When have I ever policed you on anything?”


“Your Favorite Rapper Is The Number 1 Capper,” she wrote on Instagram Stories. “Don’t Believe Half Of What Social Media Is Showing You.” She added, “I’ve been asking god to show me the people who aren’t for me and he did just that.”


However, things were much rosier for the couple about a week ago as they both spoke fondly of each other and their relationship. 

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