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Family and loved ones gathered in numbers at Civic Plaza in Albuquerque to mourn the death of New Mexico MC, Wake Self (Andrew Martinez) on Wednesday. As part of the vigil, several Native Americans performed a traditional Nahua send-off, ushering him to the next chapter.


“Andy ‘Wake Self’ Martinez was family,” longtime friend and collaborator César Montaño said. “He meant so much to the New Mexico and Southwest Hip Hop community. I will cherish the memories we had together and continue to try to carry on his legacy in this world. Skull Control Por Vida.”



Also, Zumbi of Zion, who toured New Mexico with the deceased, could not forget how hospitable Wake Self was. “I met Wake Self on a chilly night in Durango, Colorado,” Zumbi explained. “We were both performing at the Animas Theatre along with Masta Ace. During my sets, I always like to invite dope MCs to hop up and freestyle with me. I was juiced to have Masta Ace in the building, as I grew up on his music and was excited to pass the mic back and forth with him."


“When the freestyle section came up I called Ace but instead, Wake bounced onto the stage. I looked at him critically for a split second, unsure of who this character was onstage standing in front of me instead of Masta Ace. He picked up the mic and started flowing and my mood immediately changed! Dude had bars, punchlines, comedy, and confidence. We went back and forth several times as the crowd became more and more excited. Once we finished I knew I had to holla at him after the show.”



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