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Following the confirmation of the first case of Coronavirus also know as COVID 19 by the Federal Ministry of Health in Lagos State, Here are some useful tips on what to do.


Keep Good Hygiene: Just like Ebola, Coronavirus (COVID 19) is also highly contagious hence the need to keep good hygiene. The Federal Ministry of Health has advised washing hands with soap and water often and thoroughly. It is also a safety measure to have a routine for washing hands. Maintain good respiratory hygiene by covering mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing. The use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers is also advised.


Pay Attention: keep a distance from people when they cough and sneeze It important that we pay attention to our environment. Keep away from people when they cough and sneeze as coughing and sneezing are major symptoms of coronavirus. Keep Yourself Informed Make sure to get updates information from credible sources about Coronavirus (COVID 19) as it progresses. Credible sources include Federal Ministry of Health, Lagos State Ministry of Health, NCDC, TV Stations, Radio Stations, and verified online platforms. Observe self-quarantine if you show symptoms.


Observe self-quarantine: If you notice symptoms such as persistent cough, Sneezing, general body pains e.t.c. Do not panic, health emergencies get worse when panic sets in. You can also call NCDC toll free number which is available day and night, for guidance- 0800-970000-10 or call 08023169485,08033565529, 08052817243, Lagos State emergency hotline. Avoid places that are crowded Although it is almost impossible to not encounter crowds in Lagos especially during “Rush Hour” but as much as possible, avoid being in the crowd, be patient at the bus-stop and where possible, avoid the crowd.

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