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Grammy award-winning R&B and soul singer Chrisette Michele has revealed that she'll be performing at one of Donald Trump's pre-inauguration parties but for many people in the US, it's not been a popular move.


For Barack Obama's inauguration concert in 2009 - Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder and Beyonce all played. Donald Trump's line-up doesn't quite hit those highs, but Chrisette Michele is someone who stands out on the list.


Defending her performance at the Lincoln Memorial, she said it was better to be represented in some form. "We can't be present if we are silent. My heart is broken for our country, for the hopes of our children, for the fights of the people who have come before us." She said, even after some people, including Questlove the DJ, had even offered to pay Chrisette Michele not to perform but she says she is "willing to build a bridge".


Discussing the abuse she has been getting on social media for agreeing to perform at a Donald Trump concert she wrote: "I don't mind these stones, if they allow me to be a voice for the voiceless."

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