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Chance the Rapper is planning a huge birthday party not only for himself, but for his fans too. On Sunday, the Coloring Book star is hosting an event at Chicago's Studio Paris to celebrate his 24th birthday.



According to Chance's manager, his birthday party is a can't-miss event. "Better than any festival that ever existed. #CHANCETHEBIRTHDAY," Pat the Manager writes on Twitter. The birthday bash will include special guests, and to showcase his altruism, the proceeds from the event will go to SocialWorks, a nonprofit organization Chance co-founded.



Last week, Chance held his Magnificent Coloring World 2 event, which took place at a secret location in Chicago. He extended the invite solely to "the folks who know all the words" to his songs. According to Pitchfork, Chance narrowed down his search to the 0.001% of his fans who listened to his music on SoundCloud. “The 0.001% represents Chance's top fans on SoundCloud who live in the Chicago area, based on a combination of engagement metrics such as listening, likes, reposts and shares on SoundCloud," said a spokesperson from the streaming company. Rumors have swirled around the Web suggesting that the event was filmed for an upcoming Netflix special.

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