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What started out as a healthy tweet conversation ended up as a tweet brawl between Chance and his twitter fans. It all started on Wednesday, when Chance initiated a seemingly playful dialogue in a series of tweets that asked questions like, “At what time does it stop being brunch?”


Chance soon started curving fans after one caught his attention with their disapproving reply to a video he made using a snippet of TisaKorean’s “Soapy Anthem.” “I need something to dance to my guy. “We at the carnival I really like the fair” doesn’t get my jitterbug going. Still excited for the album though,” the Twitter user wrote in response to the video.


Chance’s reply was swift and presumably injected with sarcasm as he directly addressed the lone comment.“No one cares brice,” he began the tweet. “Just learn how to dance and stop bitching.”


This twitter back and forth took the fans by surprise as they could not believe the version of Chance they were witnessing on twitter; some even believed that he was hacked.


However he assured them he was very much himself. “Nah I refuse to believe that’s Chance talking. 100% he was hacked. Impossible,” a user replied to the thread with Richardson.Richardson replied, “he sure didn’t use to act like that.”“Nah it’s me,” Chance wrote, assuring fans the free smoke was a product of his frustration. The exchanges continued and Chance continued to put people in their place.

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